A complete rebranding of

London, 2019



FV/Ceramics Studio is a ceramics studio based in London. A space designed for making in clay – that red, earthy stuff – sharing skills and conversations, and creating objects and memories to keep us physically present in an ever more digital world.


The brief was to create a flexible branding that would appeal to individuals and corporations. Once the foundation was created, I worked with Francesca to execute the identity in web, digital and print. By using a delicate and stripped-back logotype, the brand and its visual elements adapt to the variety of FV Ceramics’ offerings: experiences, events and products. The communication employs a colour palette that recalls terracotta’s shades with a few colourful accents, which works as an extension of the main colour, achieving a neutral surface on which the products are shown.



Brand Identity
Art Direction
Website Design
Newsletter Design
Social Media Graphics

Paper Kit 1.01 (SC)Paper Kit 1.01 (SC)
Paper Kit 1.01_2Paper Kit 1.01_2
Paper Kit 1.01_3Paper Kit 1.01_3